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    To learn more about McMoran, O’Connor, Bramley & Burns, P.C., or to schedule an initial consultation, you may either call us directly or complete a confidential questionnaire HERE.
    • McMoran, O’Connor, Bramley & Burns, P.C.

    • Ramshorn Executive Centre
    • Bldg. D, Suite D-1
    • 2399 Highway 34
    • Wall Township, NJ 08736
    • 800-292-6640
    • 732-223-7711

    If you are calling to schedule a consultation, please be prepared to provide our office staff with a brief summary of your case. This information will be kept strictly confidential and will be used only to assist us in preparing for your initial consultation.Please note that no legal advice can be given during the initial phone consultation.

    We do not give advice over the telephone or by e-mail. You must schedule a consultation.

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